torsdag 4 februari 2010

The Garlands and Roadside Poppies join the fun!


While I'm writing this, The Garlands are just a couple of weeks away from their first two gigs ever! At the Cosy Recordings release party for the Snowbirds, then at the fab London Popfest. I don't believe their fantastic debut EP or their split 7" with The Sugarplums have passed anyone by, but just in case: The Garlands make the most apparent twee tunes I've heard in ages. Crisp and sharp. Sour and sweet and salty, all at once, everything we need for our quick fix! Finally, they've gotten around to a becoming a live act. Apart from singer Christin Wolderth, it consists of members from such esteemed acts as Action Biker, Le Futur Pompiste, Ring Snuten!, The Gentle Smiles and Strawberry Fair! Off stage, Roger Gunnarsson (Nixon, Free Loan Investments, Cloetta Paris, The Happy Birthdays) is the other half of the band.

ROADSIDE POPPIES (England/Denmark)

This lot describe themselves as "an indie pop beat combo who, on average, hate mayonnaise". Quite accurate, I'd say. And obviously, you surely can't help but to be at least quite fond of a band who write songs about people who never answer surveys, cycling & crying, and neighbours being on the news. Roadside Poppies are semi-Cambridge, semi-Copenhagen based and you never quite know who's going to show up. Except for Matloob, who is ace. So are the others, and I've decided to trust his judgement. You can listen to their songs here or here. And you should.

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