torsdag 4 mars 2010

de Montevert and The Baseball Field!


de Montevert is Ellinor Nilsson, from Evertsberg. (Hence the name - I didn't get that until after around a month. But that's me.) Do you like Fibi Frap and Soda Fountain Rag? Quite likely since you're reading this, I guess. You will obviously like de Montevert as well - although we've already heard signs of Ellinor's songs leaning more and more towards electronica and stylish stuff á la Robyn or something. We almost thought she'd left the more lo-fi-ish sound behind - and then suddenly there are two new and rather simplistic songs up on her myspace. Well, it's always refreshing when talented songwriters fail to see the point in being limited and predictable. Oh, and a brilliant debut release on Arctic Nutter is to be expected quite soon.


TBF is Joakim Johnsson, 34, from Nyköping just south of Stockholm. Apart from his job at a steel plant, he’s released TBF cassettes, vinyls and cdrs for fifteen years and has a small but devoted fanbase. Having covered songs by the likes of the Microphones, Joy Division and the KLF live, Joakim’s own stuff is pretty hard to describe. Electronic lo-fi I suppose, but the vocals are remarkable at the first listen. The semi-fictional Mary is credited, but it’s a heavily edited and sometimes monotone voice. It took me a while, but it’s worth it - once you’re beyond being puzzled you’ll hear TBF’s sparkling pop songs and soothing sad ones. The lyrics are brilliant, too. Nearly everything is available for download his website and I'd say the Bat EP is a good one to start with.

(I recycled this text from the Cosy Den fanzine #1, it was only sold in 50 copies anyway, and is not available digitally.)

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