torsdag 1 april 2010

The ghost of 2009 presents: The Smittens and Allo, Darlin'!

One of the hardest things about doing this festival thing again: the thought that it couldn't possibly be as great again is quite frightening. Also, having over 40 confirmed guests on the Facebook event before I'd even confirmed anything at all was rather scary! And one of the things I'm trying to avoid is having too many of the artists from 2009 playing again. But when The Smittens and Allo, Darlin' really wanted to come back as a tour pack - I simply couldn't say no! Last summer was the first time in Sweden for both bands, and despite perhaps not being all that well-known beforehand, it would be an understatement to say that they blew the Cosy Den crowd away! So, the Thursday is the opening day of the festival, and since it fits best for these bands - I might just turn it into a wonderful "ghost of 2009" night and put those acts into a very different context than the one they were in last year!


Last year was a busy time for this Burlington, Vermont quintet. Their gig at Lasse i Parken was the final concert of their tour. And what a show it was! We got to know their songs that are both quite though-provoking and very cute, always a great combination if you ask me. Naturally, they certainly need less of an introduction now - but how could I resist the opportunity of having The Smittens back in Stockholm for a club gig, now that they're back doing a larger European tour this summer? One word: YOW!

ALLO DARLIN' (England)

This band, fronted by Aussie-but-now-Londoner Elizabeth Morris, was certainly one of the biggest surprises for the Haninge crowd in 2009 - and it's also definitely the band that I've had the most people asking me about an "encore" this year! It's been no less hectic for this lot - they've recieved quite a bit of airplay in the UK lately, are touring the US in May, and have had The Guardian calling one of their singles "the best indiepop song in years". Despite all this, the peak lately must surely be having had the song below played on 90210!

All this sure requires a new poster, too:

Oh, and speaking of that 2009 ghost, I've made a playlist on Youtube with all video clips I've found from last year's festival. They're in chronological order and can be enjoyed here.
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