söndag 25 juli 2010

Kindergarten Kisses! (+ Mole Says Hi moved to Saturday)


Kindergarten Kisses is Albin Zaar, from the deep woods in the South of Sweden, but now living in the country's midst. Albin is also one of the foundation pillars behind legendary and quite brilliant lo-fi collective Models Inc., who have been around for around a decade now. Kindergarten Kisses is also a lovely live act where the audience is taken aboard on trips in forms of short stories of life and death. As he remarks on the myspage: "most of the noises were made by me in one shape or another, only a few by actual ghosts". The proportions of that during this gig? We'll see.

(Oh, and that ticket info post below is now updated a little, at the bottom.)


Mole Says Hi have been moved to Saturday. If this somehow makes you want to change your pre-booking, that's all cool, just get in touch! Speaking of tickets: 22 left for Friday and 11 left for Saturday.

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