torsdag 10 juni 2010

Mole Says Hi and Bobbypinrocker!


Mole Says Hi is Rebecca Digby from the south of Sweden. When we (Cosy Recordings) helped release Tiger Tape's album recently, I immediately had Mole Says Hi in mind to share the stage with them. A blogger who'd seen her play wrote: "Sweet as sugar and slender, she also manages to convey a bizarre feeling that something is completely fucked up". That sort of convinced me. Most of Rebecca's songs are regular (albeit brilliant) pop tunes - yet this was the first time she played at an indie pop night (this probably says something about the narrowmindedness and nervousity of the scene in general, but I'm not going to turn this into a rant about those things). It turned out to be a fantastic gig. Actually, I'll never forget it.


Bobbypinrocker is Ingrid Johansson from the north of Sweden. She's always had music on her mind but it's only in later years we've been presented with songs of her own. Like many others from up there, she ended up in Gothenburg four years ago. On the outskirts of Gothenburg is Kungsbacka, and when Ingrid took a trip there she found a tramp organ in a second hand shop. As you can hear, they became good friends. These are the sort of songs that you'll want to cuddle up in a comfortable chair and listen to, with a good cup of tea - although you might choke on the tea at times, you'll love it.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tramp organ, skojigt ord.

  2. Haha, jag VET, men jag slog faktiskt upp det och det heter faktiskt så på engelska. :)


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