fredag 18 juni 2010

A Smile and a Ribbon & Nils Folke Valdemar Sings!


The first thing that comes to mind is that it's really rather odd that A Smile and a Ribbon haven't played at Cosy Den before, as I've liked them quite a bit for quite a while. And the second thing: what hasn't already been said about them? One of the very favourites of all the twee pop bands of today, they are so for a reason. ASAAR just came back from a tour where they played seven gigs in the US - but it was from Montreal that I got the text saying that they would indeed like to come and play for us in Haninge, and that they'd also make sure to play my fave ASAAR tune. The duo is a six-piece live, playing songs about heartbreak that you can - and should - dance to. Always a nice combination, isn't it?


Nils Lindblom is from the part of Sweden that most people would call the north but really isn't. The Bollnäs municipality is otherwise mostly famous for its bandy team, but now that Nils has left Gothenburg for the summer to record a new album or two, they may finally face some serious competition. Previously known as Let's Be Honeys, Nils has played at Cosy Den twice before, and also has gigs at festivals like New England Popfest and Kaninkanon behind him. So, you probably know by now that he makes witty and catchy tunes. Luckily, he's agreed to bring his Spanish guitar and play them at a rare 2010 gig to help round off the festival in style.

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